Plugin WordPress / Gallery 3 – version 0.1

The WordPress plugin « WordPress / Gallery 3 » embeds pictures and albums from an installation of Gallery3 in an article or a post.

With this plugin, you will able to :

  • use the insertion tool in your Edit Toolbar to help you select one or more Gallery 3 Images, Albums in your Blog Posts or WordPress Pages,
  • display in the WordPress website the Images and Albums with Smoothgallery.


[hgallery3 id= »2″]

If you want to see more Examples : click here.

Licence : GPLv3

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation.


This plugin is a free program but you can make a donation to thanks for this development.


  • Gallery3 installation with restful module enabled
  • PHP 5+
  • PHP Json enabled
  • PHP fopen enabled in order to open distant web pages allow_url_fopen=’on’ in the php.ini

NB : the v0.1 of this plugin need the following configuration of Gallery3’s restful module (the developpers of Gallery3 introduced this security setting in the may 2010) ; The v0.2 will handle this new change.

In the advanced configuration allow_guest_access must equal to « 1 » :

go to Admin » Settings » Advanced and change the « allow_guest_access » parameter of the « rest » module from « 0 » to « 1 »

Source :



  1. Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the `wp-content/plugins/` directory of your WordPress installation
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin (… > …) and set up all options (refer to help on


Gallery 3

First to all, you have to enable the restful plugin of Gallery3.

Admin configuration

Admin configuration of the plugin heiv-wordpress-gallery3

  • : address where you have set up a Gallery3 site
  • Base URI of Gallery3 : by default it is « /index.php »
  • Base URL of the restful access of Gallery3 : by default it is « /index.php/rest/item »
  • Default height : the height by default for display a picture or a album (in pixel (px))
  • Default width : the width by default for display a picture or a album (in pixel (px))
  • Direct link to gallerys / pictures : option which allow a visitor to go on the Gallery3 site
  • Target for the « «  open picture or album Gallery3 site :
    • _self => in the current page
    • _parent => in the parent page of the current page
    • _blank => in a new page


add something of Gallery3

Add a new post or article. In the editor, click on the Gallery3 button and you will show a popup window which displays :

  • Height : height (in pixels) of the content box which displays the pictures and albums selected. If Height is not set up, the default height will be used, see Admin Configuration
  • Width : width (in pixels) of the content box which displays the pictures and albums selected. If Width is not set up, the default width will be used, see Admin Configuration
  • Direct link : checkbox which sets up the possibility to go on the picture or album page of Gallery3 installation. If this checkbox is not set up, the default option will be used, see Admin Configuration
  • page x : this popup window displays only 15 pictures on a « page », so you can change for « page x+1 » in order to display more pictures
  • directory pan (on the left side of the popup window) : allows you to browse the albums of your Gallery3 installation
  • images pan : displays all images of the current albums

You have just to browse the albums (see directory pan) and then click on :

  • a picture for display only this picture
  • the « <- » arrow to select an album for display

Click on the submit button, the window popup will close and in the editor you will see something like (depends of the options you will set) :

[hgallery3 id= »…. » width= »300″]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will this plugin work without Gallery3?
A: Sorry No, Gallery3( is required.

Q:  Can you explain exactely the « Base URL of the restful acces of Gallery 3 ?

The main page of your Gallery3 website is, normally, accessible with an URL like , if you don’t active any the rewrite rule in the configuration of your Gallery3’s installation.

So, the « Base URL of the restful acces of Gallery 3″ would be .

Release history

Version 0.2 – August, 03 2010

Used the PEAR package : HTTP_Request instead of file_open. With this change, the plugin requires now the login and password of an authenticated user of Gallery3 ; The « guest access » is still possible too.

The options of SmoothGallery can be changed.

Version 0.1 – May, 09 2010

Initial release.