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Plugin WordPress / Gallery3 and WP 3.5

After testing the compatibility between the latest releases of WP (v3.4 & 3.5) and the v3.3.1 of my plugin, I found nothing.

I will begin the dev of the next version soon.

I wish you to spend new Year holidays.

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just installed your plugin ( under WP 3.5.1 and it seems to work quite fine – nice piece of work! Have some questions, however…
1) Any chance having the jcarousel *not* deforming the pictures to the square shape?
2) Was is your intention to have the « dir » output floating? It is displayed over the website content!
3) Don’t know why, but the « smoothgallery » is essentially producing large+small picture for every entry in the gallery. I can see the same on the plugin main page on your web. I thought smoothgallery would produce something like the output that is available under examples…

Am I doing anything wrong? You can find an example of what I am talking about here:

Thanks a lot for any hints! L.

Hi Lubos.

Sorry for the waiting time.
I am a lot busy this last weeks ; but you can find the responses of your previous questions.

3- You have miss in the configuration of smoothgallery something : put a number for the delay parameter (for example 1000), and you will see smoothgallery will work.
2- The « dir » output is no longer stable. This output is just for compat for people who use it, use the « dir_table » output instead of.
1- Hum, take a look on the css of this output. The css is generated on the fly and there is a default css (../skins/jcarousel/skins/tango/skin.css’ for instance).


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