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plugin heiv-gallery3 v0.2.5 : found bug in rendering … and removed with v0.2.5.1


I am sorry, the rendering of album is broken…

I am looking for where is the bug …

I am found the bug and remove it, upgrade your installed plugin with the new patch (v0.2.5.1).


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Thank you so much for this plug-in. I tested it, but I did not find any possibility to set up a simple grid of images – e.g. 4 columns layout. Both in « dir » skin and in « single_img » skin my images are rendered in only one colum as small thumbnails (there is enough space for other images in the same row) Can you give me a quick tip if it is possible?

Hi Tobias,

There is, actually, 0 tip for doing what you described and wanted in your comment.

I have already planned for the next release some new skins for rendering and I will include your wish.


Hi HeiV,
I will wait impatiently for the update, visit your blog every day and hope you will make it. 🙂 To thank you for the feature announcement and to motivate you I directly used spontaneously your donation form. Thank you for sharing your work!

I do not know the exact listed feature. I asked in my previous comment on this page if it is possible to set up a simple grid of images. It would be great if I had the possibilities to chosse the number of columns for my gallery – e.g. 4, because I found no possibility to do that. 1000 thankx

Hi Tobias,

I have already scheduled for the next version a revamp of the « dir » skin

You can see this revamp on this page : , I set in the skin’s configuration the display of 3 columns per line.


Hello HeiV, thank you for implementing it directly! Can the number of columns be set by the user or is it fix?

Hi Tobias,

It is free 🙂
But for the moment, the witdh of thumbnails is fixed and near equal to 100px.

May be in the futur it will be possible to set the width of the thumbnails.


I absolutely love this plugin, and the work you are doing. I have resisted contacting you directly about my issue since I want you to keep focused on the new version, which I wait for anxiously. However, I have not found a solution anywhere else on the internet.
I’m using the most recent version of WP and the Plugin (0251). I have it configured to use my admin login, so there are no permission issues. However, galleries that use a password, or are restricted from the public (even through they are visible to the admin account) don’t show in WP. I get a place holder, the file name, etc, but the actual image does not show. For the albums that are open to the public, they open just fine, and the plugin works awesome. Any help you can give would be great!

Hi Raz,

I already know that there is a problem with « private » pictures of gallery3 which you want to display on WordPress with my plugin.

I hope I will handle this « problem » in the next release.
For the moment, you have to wait or you can enable the « public » – guest to read your pictures.


Thank you so much for your feedback. I will await eagerly. Great work so far! This plugin has been a blessing.

Hi, don’t know what i’m doing wrong – plugin settings/testing works well (cover photo for first album showed), but when i click on picker (G3 icon in post edit), there are two empty boxes, one selector showing « smoothgallery’ and « submit query » button. Nothing else – cant choose any picture.

On the gallery3 log i see that user (which i created for rest access) logged in…
yesterday i have updated gallery3 to latest 3.0.3 version..
access/error logs of nginx/apache show nothing « wrong »

Hi wocis,

I have one question : it is possible for guest to see albums and pictures on your gallery3 installation ?
In the current version, if guest is not allowed to see pictures and albums, the visitors / admin of wordpress can’t see the pictures.

This problem will be fixed with the next release of this plugin the 1st May 2012.


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