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version 0.2.5 of Plugin WordPress / Gallery3 is out

The version 0.2.5 is out, you will find this update :

  • album with different pictures from different albums
  • Option for activate or disable the skins
  • Default Skin in the selection modal window

You can download it here or you can use the update tools of WordPress.

Don’t forget to update your Gallery3’s settings.

2 réponses sur « version 0.2.5 of Plugin WordPress / Gallery3 is out »

Hi, I **LOVE** the plugin, but I’m having a little bit of a hard time trying to figure out how to use it.

If I select more than one image, it puts each image in TWICE, a thumbnail and full size.

Looking at your own example page, the first few images are there twice as well.

It also does not seem to be putting in the image caption.

And lastly, on my page, there’s a small black dot before each image. (see to see what I mean)

I’d like to display a single, large image, with a caption. How do I do that?

Hi aaron.

First to all, the version 0.2.5 was bugged… I just pushed a patch for kill this bug.
So, the examples of my plugin were bugged too.

But, if you want to display only picture without thumbnails you can, you have to

  • on the config option ot this plugin, in the single_img tab, put « Use ThickBox for displaying images » to « No »
  • Use the skin single_img for the rendering (post edition)

But if you do this, all the rendering single images will be in the same way… At this moment, there is not possible to customize different renderings for different envys ; I put it in the roadmap.

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