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version & of Plugin WordPress / Gallery3 is out

The version of plugin WordPress / Gallery3 is out.

You can download it here.

Changelog of this version :

  • Cache system for the restful’s datas


Edit : there was a bug in the « test settings ». I pushed the version in order to fix it. Thx to Giel.

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Hi, I have a small problem.

I installed wordpres 3.3, gallery3.02 and youre latest version of this plugin.

then i enabled the REST API Module and set the allow_guest_access to 1.

In wordpress i filled in my gallery3 website addres and i set Guest can login to Yes. Then i pressed update settings and the screen returns with the right settings.

If i push on the test setting button the screen remain blank. Also, when i make a new post and push on the G3 button, i can choose a skin but i dont see any picture or folder.

Do you have any idea what is going wrong here?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Giel,

I just tested what you have done and I have the same « bug » with the test settings.

I am looking what is wrong.

Edit : I found what was wrong and I fixed the bug. You should update to version, try it and tell me if it is ok.

Thx for your support.


You should also change youre download link to 😉

I think it was just a lucky shot that i found this bug, because its the first day i’m using this plugin.

But ok, i can see the erro now 😛

Testing of the settings

Error : is not accessible. Stop testing here, check your configuration and fix it !

This is the end of tests.

I tried a lot of domain names also with index.php/rest/ but they are all not accessible.

Do you have any idea what can go wrong here?

Can it be a problem that the mysql5 server is not on the localhost but external? But i guess its not

Thx, I changed the download link.

The Mysql 5 Server is not used during the retrieved datas from gallery3.

If your gallery3 includes « index.php » in the url, so you have to set the host =

My plugin doesn’t use curl but the package http_request of

I think it could be a problem internal of your hosting. Are you hosting on a private server or a shared hosting ?
If you have a private server, can you login with ssh and make « lynx » ? If so, what is the result ?

Hmmz, my hosting is not private and does NOT support pear 🙁 They are also not in the mood to install it 🙁

Is there any chance that this plugin will work without the pear extension. Maby in the future ? 😛

well, tnx anyway!

If PEAR is available in the share, it will include it.

Else the plugin will try to set up the include directory of PHP and then to include PEAR from the directory of the plugin (you can see the directory pear in the plugin’s directory).

In a next version, I will use HTTP_Request2 instead of HTTP_Request. This new version can use curl if it is installed.


just wanted to say thanks for writing this code, and also a comment : its not possible to use this when the gallery is behind http_auth. I’m setting up a private blog + gallery and it took me a few minutes to workout that the http://:@url/ wasn’t being honored;

its fairly easy to work around with an ‘Allow from’ directive in the apache config stanza, but I’m just posting that comment here in case other people get caught out as well.

Thanks once again.


first thanks for your effort to integrate gallery3 with wordpress.

I have some issues with the RESTful access, though. The images in my gallery cannot be accessed by the public, just by registered users (friends and relatives).
So I have set allow_guest_access to 0 in gallery3 and set up your wordpress plugin to use a specific user. I have verified that this user can see all pictures in the gallery.
When I try to add a picture to a post, I can see the directories, but no images. Looking into the gallery3 log, I see 403-Errors (forbidden).
Only when i make the images viewable by everybody, they show up in the selector and the post.

Do you have any idea?



Hello Ulrich.

I know what is wrong.
My plugin is not acting like a proxy between your computer and the gallery3.
So, if you unset the viewable right for everybody, then gallery3 will not let your computer to download the pictures.

I can write a plugin for proxing the gallery3’s pictures but in a near futur.

Hello HeiV,

good to know that this behaviour is known and you plan to solve it. So I’ll watch the new releases of your plugin.



Hi Ulrich,

I have a plan for a such features.

But you have to wait. :p


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